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COVID-19 is changing everything. Right now, medical doctors and surgical practices are in dire need of their day to day requirements in terms of masks, sanitiser and fundamental supplies.

We don't believe in the "Hoard mentality" or stockpiling what is critically needed elsewhere. At Supply Doctor we provided what is neccessary as and when it's neccesary. Our packages are designed for your practice to be able to get what it needs on a monthly basis.

Simply choose your preference of N99 or N95 mask, your surgical glove and sanitiser requirements for a 1 month period in your practice.

On the 25th of each month, your order will be packed and couriered to your doorstep to ensure continuous and effortless access to the stocks that you need when you need them. No over-stocking, no stockpiling and no drain on critical consumables.A highly simple and practical solution for your practice.



N95/ K95 Mask Supply

The destruction of viruses is caused by the action of the microscopic spear shaped Nano Fibres that are approximately a thousand times thinner than human hair, capable of piercing the membrane wall any virus.

Combo Supply

Covid-19 has been shown to be air borne and transmitted by tiny moisture droplets during exhaling coughing or sneezing. Moisture does not penetrate the Nano Fibre material of NASK face masks.

High Breathabity & Comfort

NASK exceeds the NIOSH breathability standard, and depending on exposure and environment conditions, can be worn for exxtended periods of several days.

Some of our monthly consumable packages

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Supply Doctor

Supply Doctor is a dynamic and professional one-stop online store for all your medical supplies, consumables, medical equipment, disposables and more, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

At Supply Doctor, there are thousands of medical supply products to choose from. Whether you are looking for professional medical equipment and first aid supplies or disposable instruments and blood pressure metres, we have a full range to choose from!

Our main goal is to supply you with great quality equipment at an affordable price; we want to accommodate everyone, from medical and pharmaceutical companies to private doctors and many others.

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