AED Cuer3 Dual Mode & Spo2

Priced From:R 51400,80

AED Cuer3 Dual Mode & Spo2

These two defibrillators can be used both in automatic (AED) and manual modality.

Main features:
- Synchronized cardioversion
- ECG monitoring mode (3 lead ECG cable)
- SpO2 monitoring with Nellcor SpO2 module
- Heart rate and SpO2 alarm system
- CPR coaching in AED
- Efficient e~cube biphasic truncated exponential shock waveform
- Versatile power supply
- Intelligent data management system

ECG of patient is recorded all throughout the rescue operation, relevant events (e.g. shock advised, charging, shock delivery) are recorded together with timestamp. Recorded data may be transferred to a PC for storage and review or may be reviewed in the device. Lightweight 2.8 kg and portable. Supplied with rechargeable battery, battery charger, adult pads with cable, SpO2 module (CU-ER3 only), user manual and carrying bag.

Technical Specifications

• ECG Monitor
- Patient connection: defibrillation pads. ECG electrodes
- Bandwidth: monitoring mode: 0.3 to 40Hz (-3dB)
- EMS mode : 1 - 30Hz
- Heart rate: digital 30 to 300 bpm (±3bpm)

• Defibrillator
AED + manual mode: variable energy level selection in 12 steps: 2,3,5,7,10,20,30,50,70,100,150,2005
- Waveform: e-cube biphasic (biphasic truncated exponential type)
- Charging time: less than 10 seconds
- Sensitivity & specificity: meets MMIguidelines
- Defibrillation electrodes: multifunctional electrodes (disposable. pre-gelled)

• SpO2 
- Pulse rate: 20-250 bpm (±3bpm)
- Saturation: 70-110% (± 3 digits)

• Voice & text prompts
- Voice prompts guide the user through the rescue protocol
- All user interfaces are supported in local language

• Data storage & management
- Internal flash memory: 12 hours of event and ECG recording
- Review the patient ECG. incident details and device information
- Transmit multi patient data to PC

• Display
- Screen type: high resolution display (Graphic LCD)
- Screen size: 4 inches (10.16 cm) diagonal. 320x240 pixels
- Sweep speed: 25mm / sec. nominal
- Viewing time: 3.2 seconds

• Automatic self-test
- Power on self-test / Run time self-test/ Manual self-test
- Periodic self-test (daily/weekly/monthly)

• AC adapter
- Input : 100 - 240V AC 50/ 60Hz 170VA
- Output: +12V DC 3.6A

• Battery pack
- 12V 4.5Ah nickel-metal hydride battery pack (rechargeable)
- Charging time: minimum of 4 hours for full charging
- Capacity: when new. minimum of 200 shock deliveries (fully charged)