CPR training manikin Brayden

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CPR training manikin Brayden


The ultimate purpose of CPR is to maintain a flow of oxygenated blood to the brain during cardiac arrest to prevent serious brain damage.

“BRAYDEN” is the first CPR manikin ever to display the virtual flow of blood from the heart to the brain during the CPR.

Furthermore, with the aid of the “BRAYDEN” CPR manikin, trainees will not only learn with ease how to execute CPR correctly in time fo need, the skills learned using the “BRAYDEN” CPR Manikin will be remembered for life due to the positive feedback innovations built into “BRAYDEN”.


CPR Quality Indicating Lamps – These lamps are only light when the compression depth and the speed coincide correctly with the given default value. When wither one of the two in not correct then the lamps will fail to light.

Blood Circulation Indicating Lamps – These lamps provide visualisation of the blood flow from the heart to the brain which trainees can easily observe while performing CPR. The lamps will illuminate in direct proportion to the depth and speed of the trainees compressions providing feedback throughout their CPR practice sessions.

Compression Indicating Lamps - These lamps directly relate to depth and speed of compressions. In other words, these compression indicating lamps across the chest light up in direct proportion with the compressions depth and speed as with the Blood Circulation Indicating Lamps. When the CPR is correctly performed all the lamps across the chest are fully lit, however the lamps will only light up in proportion with the quality of CPR.


Basic Functions:

Realistic head tilt and chin lift for opening airway

Chest rise with correct ventilation

Audible feedback (“click”) with correct compression depth



Size – 32 x 59 x 21 cm

Weight – 3.1 kg (including batteries)

Power – Battery , AC Power (option)