Simulator MS100 Spo2

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MS100 SpO2 Simulator is a kind of Separated SpO2 simulator, small and light. It can perform a series of tests for the oximeter by simulation means, and gives cognizance of veracity about the oximeter. Because the oximeter manufacturer may use different R-curves, some R-curves used abroad currently have been embedded.

- Separated connection between simulator probe and host, operation and test are more convenient.
- 262K color and 320*240 TFT, adjustable brightness level.
- Film key-press, makes the operation more comfortable.
- Power with chargeable lithium battery, can display the charge information of battery.
- Key volume, can open or close.

Main Functions:
- Oxygen saturation simulation;
- Pulse rate simulation;
- Patient state simulation preset;
- Can test the reaction time of device;
- Can simulate the SpO2 and pulse rate under different amplitude;
- Can test the performance of device under different interference source;
- Can select different R-curve.

Main Parameters:
- SpO2
Measuring range: 35%~100%
Error: When SpO2 is 75%~100%, the error is the larger between ±2% and ±P(P denotes the precision of the tested oximeter); when SpO2 is 74%~50%, the error is the larger between ±2% and ±P; no define when SpO2 is less than 50%.
- Pulse rate
Measuring range:25bpm~250bpm  
- Amplitude
Measuring range:0.000%~20.000%
Resolution:1% for 1.000%~20.000%; 0.1% for 0.100%~0.900%; 0.025% for 0.000%~0.075%.
- Patient state
24 conditions presetting and 8 conditions as default after start. The number of condition can be adjusted by Motion level setup.
- Voltage 
 DC 3.6V~4.2V
- Power Supply
 Voltage 3.7 rechargeable lithium battery × 1 
- Battery working life
 Charge and discharge no less than 500 times.

- A  MS100 user manual
- A  5.0V adaptor