AED Cuer1 Fully Auto

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- Automatic analysis of patient ECG.

- User guide with text and voice prompts.

- 320 X 240 graphic LCD display.

- Versatile Power Supply, rechargeable battery pack and AC adapter standard.

- Car cigar lighter jack power cord and disposable battery pack optional.

- Battery has capacity of 200 shocks when fully charged.

- Rescue data collected is stored in internal flash memory.

- Rescue data can be downloaded for review, archiving and printing.

- Automatic self tests, prompts and alarms given if device fails self tests.




ECG Function:

- Patient connection: Defibrillation Pads, ECG Electrodes.

- Bandwidth: Monitoring Mode: 0.3 to 40Hz (-3dB)

                     EMS Mode – 1~30Hz

- ECG size: 5,10, 20mm/mV display on monitor ( Auto scaling)

- Heart rate: Digital 30 to 300 bpm (±2%)


- Operation mode: Semi automatic

- Waveform: e-cube biphasic (Truncated exponential type)

- Energy: 150J into 50Ω load (default setting)

          Preprogrammed selection (150J-150J-180J,150J-180J-180J)

- Charging time: Less than 10 seconds

- Recognition: Sensitivity and Specificity = 99.5%

- Detection Level: > 0.1mV ECG

- Defibrillation Electrodes: Multifunction electrodes (Disposable)

                                    Adult adhesive pads (pre-gelled)

Voice and Text Prompts:

- Voice and text prompts guide the user through the protocol

- All the user interfaces are supported in local language for easy use.

Data Storage & Management:

- Internal flash memory: 10 hours of event and ECG recording

- SmartMedia Card (32M): 48 hours of event and ECG recording or 1 hour if voice recording is enabled.

Automated Self-Test:

- Power On Self-Test / Run Time Self-Test / Manual Test

- Periodic Self-Tests (daily / weekly / monthly)


- Screen Type: High resolution display (graphic LCD)

- Screen size: 4 inches diagonal, 320x240 pixels

- Sweep speed: 25mm/sec, nominal

- Viewing time: 3.2 seconds


- Size: 305mm x 250mm x 95mm (L x W x H)

- Weight: Approximately 2.8Kg

- Galvanic Protection: BF type

AC Adaptor:

- Input: 100 ~ 240V AC 50/60Hz 1.2A  - Output: + 12VDC, 3.5A

Battery Pack:

- 12V Nickel-Metal Hydride battery pack (rechargeable)

- Charging time: Minimum of 4 hours for full charging

- Capacity: when new, minimum of 200 shocks deliveries (fully charged)

External Link:

- UART port  - IrDA port

Package Contents:

- Device, 1 Sets of pads, 1 Power Cord, 1 AC Adapter, 1 Long Life NI-MH battery, 1 Operator’s Manual, 1 Quick Reference Card, Carrying Case

Optional Accessories:

- Car Cigar Lighter Jack Power Cord

- SmartMedia Card (32M)

- External Thermal Printer (wire) and paper

- UART Cable / ECG Cable (3 lead) / ECG Electrodes.