Ottoscope Video Display Elite Pack

Priced From:R 12601,50

MD Scope Video Otoscope

On-the-spot examination:

Instant view
A clear and sharp image can be acquired and displayed monentarily on a built-in screen, with the press of a button

Real time interaction
The medical image can be captured and shared simultaneously with patients. A true improved interaction between the health professionals and the patients.

Electronic medical record
A medical image is automatically generated to support most of the stand-alone health information system. Simple plug the cable into the video-out socket to retrieve the image.


- Portable and affordable
- Detachable & upgradeable probes are designed for different exams as needed

Elite Pack Series includes:

- 1 standard camera probe 45mm L
- RCA video cable
- Disposable Specula (24 pcs)
- AA Alkaline Battery (2pcs)