Diagnostic Set DR1800 - Rechargeable desk modle ottoscope and opthalmoscope

Priced From:R 8357,97

Diagnostic Set DW1010 - Wall Mounted ottoscope and apthalmoscope

- DR1800 Rechargable Diagnostic Set, Order Code:465-1800

- Set complete with: DM6D Rechargable Ophthalmoscope Set A,OT8D

- Rechargable Otoscope Set A, DT802 Desk Charger, Power adapter, Carton Box.

- DM6D Rechargable Ophthalmoscope Set A, Order Code:410-1000

- OT8D Rechargable Fiber Otoscope Set A, Order Code:461-1000

- DT802 Desk Charger without power adapter, Order Code:488-0010

- Power adapter for CN,9V 800mA, Order Code:500-9000

- Power adapter for US,9V 800mA, Order Code:500-9002

- Power adapter for EU,9V 800mA, Order Code:500-9005

- Power adapter for GB,9V 800mA, Order Code:500-9006

- Power adapter for AU,9V 800mA, Order Code:500-9009

- P4900 3.5V Spare bulb of 3.5V Coaxial Ophthalmoscope, Order Code:410-0910

- T3100 3.5V Spare bulb of 3.5V Otoscope, Order Code:461-0910