ECG 1103G - 3 Channel & Interpretation




- Light in weight & compact in size,   three kinds of operation mode:  Automatic, Manual, Analysis

- Standard lead mode or European lead mode available

- Automatic measurement and interpretation

- Detection and alarm of Lead-off, no paper, no battery

- Built-in ECG simulator & Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with high capacity

- Automatic adjustment of baseline for optimal recording

- RS232 communication interface in standard configuration for connecting with special network, PC or Setting up of ECG database, option Blue Tooth interface

- Built-in help function:  electrode positioning, ECG basic knowledge, common trouble-shooting, etc. (not available in Class B machine)

- Clinical information such as patient ID, name, sex, age, height, weight, drugs and hospital name can be input Case storage function:  15 cases can be saved in the machine or as much as 150 cases in a SD card. Saved ECG waveforms can be cine-looped, printed out or transferred to PC (not available in Class B machine).



ECG 1103G

Input Circuit:

Floating; protection against defibrillator and pacemaker

Acquisition Mode:

12 lead acquisition simultaneously

A/D Converter:

18 bit

Time Constant:


Input Impedance:


Input Circuit Current:


Calibrating Voltage:

1mV ±3%

Frequency Response:

0.05Hz~150Hz (-3dB)


2.5, 5, 10, 20 (mm/mV), Auto

Noise Level:

<15μVp-p,     Anti Baseline Drift - Automatic


EMG Filter: 35Hz ~ 45Hz (-3dB), ADS Filter; Auto (0.15-0.50Hz),

HUM Filter:  50Hz/60Hz (-20dB)


>100dB (with AC filter)

Patient Current Leakage:


Paper Speed, Recording Paper:

6.25, 12.5, 25, 50mm/s, 50mm(width), 20/30m(length), Roll/Z-fold

Safety Standard:

IEC class I, type CF

Power Supply AC;

Power Supply DC:

220V / 110V, 50/60Hz, 85V ~ 265V (Option)

14.4V, 1500mA (Built in rechargeable lithium battery)

Dimensions (carton):

345mmx300mmx80mm, 400 x 180mm x 355mm

Net & Gross Weight:

Net 2.5 Kgs, Gross 4.5 Kgs