ECG 80A HandHeld & Printer

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This product is single channel,12 leads electrocardiograph, can be widely applied in ECG check-up under different circumstances such as in family ,hospital consultation, doctor's diagnosis, physical check-up,social medical organizations etc. it can implement real time continuous records of clear and exact single-channel ECG waveform using thermo sensitive printer at the same time. waveforms also can be freezed at any time. it has manual and automatic modes to be chosen and Chinese/English operation interface,it is easy to be used.


- 2.7" FSTN display shows the working status and ECG waveform. Check the waveform before printing to save record paper.
- Output system:High-resolution thermal-array(8dots/mm),it needs not be adjusted.Recording frequency Response:Up to 150Hz.
- The device can record exact single ECG waveform and remark. The mark includes:lead sign,ensitivity,paper speed,filter state.
- Under automatic mode,just press the button once,it starts record procedure,which can enhance your work efficiency
- The language of operation interface include( Chinese,English,French,Italian,Turkish,Espanol,Deutsch,Russia)
- The keyboard's control is whole touch type,it's convenient to operate.
- Classification:IEC class I,type CF defibrillator proof
- This instrument can record 160 pieces of ECG waveform and 4 hours continually under the best DC state
- The figure of whole device is elegancy and gliding
- According to defendence degree of deleterious fluid, this device is belong to common device.
- Digital signal processor for effective inhibition of  AC,EMG and DFT,receive the better ECG waveform.
- According to the working mode class, this device belongs to continuous operation equipment.

Technical Specification:

Normal work environment
- Running Environment temperature: +5℃~+35℃
- Relative humidity: ≤80%
- Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~106kPa
Store and Transportation
- Environment temperature: -10~55℃
- Relative humidity: ≤95%
- Atmospheric pressure: 50kPa~106kPa
- Input way: Floating and defibrilation protection
- Lead: Standard 12 leads
- Patient leak current: <10μA
- Sampling rate:1000Hz
- A/D change:10 Bit
- Frequency response: 0.05Hz~150Hz
- Time constant: Time constant>3.2s
- CMRR: >60dB, >100dB( With AC filter)
- Enduring polarization voltage:±500mV
- Noise level: ≤15μVp-p
- EMG interference filter: 35Hz(-3dB)
- AC filter:50Hz/60Hz(≥20dB)
- Sensitivity choice: 5,10,20mm/mV, error:±5%.Standard sensitivity is 10mm/mV±0.2mm/mV
- Recording way: Thermal printing system
- Auto-record: according the the record format and auto-mode to set, auto leads-changing, auto measurement.
- Manual record: according the record format to record, manual leads-changing.
Specification of recording paper:50mm(W) × 20mm(L)High-speed thermal paper
- Paper speed: 25mm/s,50mm/s,error:±5%
- Product safety type:IEC class I,type CF defibrillator proof
- Size:190mm(L)*90mm(W)*40mm(H)
- Net Weight:0.45kg
Power supply
- Input: AC: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
- Output: DC: 9V
- DC: 7.4V, Lithium rechargeable battery 


ECG leads      1 set 
Limb electrode clamp    1 set 
Chest electrode     1 set 
Power connection     1 piece  
Recording paper     1 piece
Power adapters     1 piece
User manual      1 piece


- ECG80A software
- connect with the PC by USB
- collect real-time data to the software to analyze and print the report 
- Certification CE, CCC, FDA